How does this all work

The idea is quite simple, all systems have the same key elements and these key elements take up about 60 - 70% of the time to build a bespoke solution. Build a framework that is highly customisable, that has all these key elements and can be reused on every solution and you are already halfway there.


The rest is the bespoke stuff that makes your solution totally unique and perfect for you.

The Vision

Over the years we have worked on various systems, from order management systems, warehousing, customer management and relationship systems, ecommerce platforms and have recognised that the same features are present in every system.


We also recognise the fantastic advantages that systems and automation bring to businesses and so our goal was to develop a platform that was highly customisable at both an admin and a development level. Where we could build 60-80% of a clients ideal system via an admin console with no development work and then bespoke develop the rest to exactly match their ideal solution.

All this and still have a core that could be updated completely separately so that the whole system could be maintained with vital security patches, improvements, bug fixes etc. and so future proof the whole solution.​


Admin Level:

The idea of the admin is to be able to build at least 60 - 80% of every page of your solution just using the Admin Console. This can be done very quickly and without any costly development work:

  • A 'Form Builder' to produce the standard forms that every system uses quickly and without the need for any costly development work at this stage.

  • A ‘Query List Builder’ we could configure to interrogate any database, either a part of the system or remote for the information you require in any list.

  • A 'Hub Builder' to create new hubs to which you can add forms, lists and charts anywhere they were required on the page. That was built on Bootstrap so it was completely responsive.

  • A 'Rules' system built into every section on every hub allowing for automated actions to be managed and controlled locally, ie. sending out emails, querying API's.

These enable us to build 60-80% of your system, quickly, without any costly development work.


Development Level:

With 60 - 80% of your site built, we now get our development team to build the rest to exactly match your requirements.

  • The whole system is customisable, everything can be changed.

  • Any changes to the code are placed in a local directory and these are unique to your solution.​

  • The whole system is built on the Laravel framework which has many different modules already built and available that could match your requirements and we can take these and add them as you require. Should these not quite match then we can write our own especially for you.

  • Much of the development work we complete for clients revolves around us automating the system for them. Dynamic Hub is built for this and the savings made from automation are incredible.


A bespoke system development is very costly and also takes a considerable amount of time and by reducing the development work so dramatically enables huge savings to be made in time and cost.

Core Level:

  • The Core is completely separate from the 'Development Level' so that vital system updates and functions can be maintained keeping the whole system safe and secure and running smoothly. ​

We offer a free consultation and a free demo of the framework to show you how all this works and to illustrate why this could be the best solution for you.


We have quite a simple 4 step process that we work through.

Research &

We take time to get to know your business and understand the flow of information you need to conduct your business.

The plan will detail each section of your solution, what it contains and how it interacts with other sections within your solution.


Solution Build

Once we've gathered all the information we need, we will use the admin console to build the bare bones of your solution.

At the end of this process you will be able to see your solution taking shape. You will be amazed at this point in how complete your solution already is.

Bespoke Development

This is where we work on the fine detail of your solution. Making the changes that are particular to your business.

This is the point where the system becomes your solution. The development at this stage is to make the system match your requirements exactly.

Training & Maintenance

And we don't stop there, we offer regular ongoing training and support including help videos to help you achieve the maximum from your solution. 

We release regular updates to the framework to fix bugs and security patches to keep your solution secure at all times.


Get in touch today. 

We are happy to answer all of your questions.



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