These are some of the great features that come as standard. From being able to put together a list with all the information you require, to being able to reorder the list, to being able to filter the list and drill down to exactly the information you require to then being able to download it quickly and easily. Great tools to make work that much quicker and easier. 

Exporting Results

You can build your own list, turn this feature on and download your list in any of these three formats.

Column Selection

You can select which columns you want to show just by ticking the field.

Draggable Columns

You can then organise these columns by clicking and dragging them into your desired order.

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Inline Edit

Amounts can be edited directly in the page, no need to save just click and edit.

Custom Row Styling

Introduces row highlighting to set parameters and individual actions to cells.

Coloured Hubs

You can change the colour of each and every hub within Dynamic Hub with just a few clicks.

Search Filters

A huge feature to allow you to drill down to find the information you need.

Price Matching

If you need to price match you can do this directly to each product within the checkout.

Hub Sharing

You can share any hub with another user and/or group at the click of a button. 


Screenshots of different hubs within the system. You can use these existing hubs, you can adjust them to suit you better or you can create your own hubs from scratch. The choice is all yours.


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Bespoke Development

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