Dynamic Hub is an incredibly flexible business tool to help you manage all aspects of your business

We found all systems were very rigid, you had to fit your working practices around the system and while some parts worked well you would have to find work arounds for the parts that did not.

Our aim in creating Dynamic Hub  was to provide a system solution that could easily be adapted to suit any business and its particular way of working, with flexible forms and tables and a structure designed for bespoke tailoring, 

Dynamic Hub can be moulded into a perfect fit for your business and your way of working.

These case studies illustrate some of the ways that dynamic Hub can be adapted to suit a variety of requirements that other systems could not even come close to.

Graphical Dashboard

Our client works with Universities and currently produces spreadsheets showing the sales information for each University, however this is a manual collection and distribution of information via spreadsheets and does not match the professional service or image that our client wants to offer their customers.


The Brief

To supply a professional tool delivering accurate, up to date sales information for their customers in a highly stylised graphical format which can be displayed on various media and downloaded as a PDF. This tool should be fully functional allowing them to completely administer each account. The collection of information from various sources should be automated with no staff input required. 


The Build

Pooling the information automatically into a separate database is done by connecting to the various data sources via a pre-built API already incorporated within Dynamic Hub which then pulls down the required data at preset intervals.  

Dynamic Hub then has all the functionality already built in that enables us to build the dashboards using the Dynamic Hub admin console.  We configured the logins and the permissions structure to allow us to grant the various levels of access to the Universities and to our client to allow them to fully administer each Universities account. This administration functionality also allows the client to add, amend and remove any University as required. 

This was all completed using the functionality already pre-built into Dynamic Hub.


Bespoke Work

The bespoke work we then carried out to tailor the product to exactly match the clients needs was to:

  • Incorporate HighCharts (charting package) and apply very customised styling to the dashboards.

  • Create different views of the dashboard for different sized screens, especially projector screens for the Universities to use for their own marketing purposes.

  • Dynamic Hub has PDF download functionality already built in however we made some changes to this to allow for a highly stylised PDF to be produced.

  • Performed bespoke work to make it so that individual data was shown according to each login that was used, so that each University would only be able to view the data that was relevant to them.


In Summary

Our client now has a professional tool showing accurate, up to date sales information for their customers in a highly stylised format which can instantly be displayed on various media and downloaded as a PDF. This tool is fully functional allowing them to completely administer each account.

Whereas previously the work was completed by staff on an ongoing basis, collecting the information from various sources and entering this each time into a spreadsheet, then outputting this spreadsheet and sending it to every university. This is all now done automatically by Dynamic Hub with no staff input. This process also removed data errors that occurred during the data collection process due to human error.


A much better end product for each University, and a large reduction in staff cost and a great increase in customer satisfaction for our client.

Full System Build

We have a client that delivers freshly prepared food to their customers, currently they manage this via spreadsheets. They find this extremely time consuming, very labour intensive and prone to mistakes.


The Brief

They want a whole system solution to manage the whole process. From designing menus to entering orders, assigning and ordering the products associated with these orders, preparing a picking list and recipes for the kitchen staff and displaying a timeline for the preparation and delivery of orders.


The Build

This is a very large build with quite a few areas that require bespoke work to be carried out.

We planned the system using wireframes to highlight the areas that required bespoke work and then went about building the solution using the current functionality within Dynamic Hub. About 70% could be built with no development work required.


Bespoke Work

The bespoke work we then carried out to tailor the product to exactly match the clients needs included:

  • Adding a predictive search function to return search results as you typed.

  • Drag and drop functionality.

  • Some lists and forms required non-standard results to be displayed. 

  • Timeline functionality to keep progress of the order from the customer placing the order

  • We built a bespoke Ingredients Calculator where every recipe has been broken down into its component parts and entering a particular dish selects the required ingredients and adds these to a picking list. As more orders are placed a master picking list is built as well as individual picking lists for each order.



The system automates all the processes that are currently completed by different members of staff via spreadsheets and so saves time, staff costs and minimises mistakes. It makes all the relevant information accessible to each department when required. In a business where each product has a shelf life, effective management of the process involved in taking orders, ordering stock and then producing and delivering is crucial to the success of the business. There was not another system available that came anywhere close to matching our clients needs and to build this from scratch would have been enormously expensive. As it was, the cost was about half the expected cost of a new build from scratch.

A much smaller task

Our client had a need for an Ingredient Calculator. Its purpose was to allow an order to be entered and for a picking list to be produced.



Produce a system where each product contained sub-products. When a product was ordered the sub-products would be added to a master buying list which would contain all the sub-products for all the products that had been ordered that day which they could then place an order for with their suppliers. The system would also produce a product picking list that would be used to pick the sub-products for each customer order when they arrived.

The system would need to allow for the addition of the products and the sub-products associated with them and these would need to be editable.



About 60% of the system could be built with no development work required using the Admin Console. The rest was bespoke work as detailed below:


Bespoke Work

  • We needed to build in the ability to have sub-products that were associated with a product where these sub-products could belong to more than one product.

  • Added a predictive search for searching for products.

  • Built the picking lists, these could mostly be done using the Admin Functionality but needed some bespoke work.

  • Extra work on the PDF download functionality to produce a paper picking list.

  • Build of a Purchase Order template email with an email provider. The Rules section already allows for a purchase order to be created and emailed to each different supplier.



The client now just enters their customers order and the system does the rest including ordering the sub-products from each supplier by emailing a Purchase Order to each one. It has cut down immensely on the time staff take to manage a spreadsheet with all this information and also the time to list out each sub-product and order from each supplier. It has also reduced the mistakes made trying to manage such a huge amount of information.

You put the order in, the products are ordered and lists are produced to allow you to pick the products to fulfil each order.


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