The Admin Console enables us to be able to quickly build and change all the hubs (pages) within Dynamic Hub.


This has many advantages including being able to build a new system from scratch with minimal developer involvement, in many cases building 70 - 80% of a system within a fraction of the time and cost of a new build.

Another main advantage is that the system can be very easily changed should you have a new requirement. Clients have full access to the admin and so can make changes themselves quickly and easily. 

This video shows the whole hub building process


This allows you to create the pages that you want and then populate them with forms, lists or charts. 


You have total control over how the page is arranged and can place forms, lists and charts all together wherever you like and this is all built on bootstrap so it is totally responsive.


The forms, lists and charts can all be linked to separate tables within a database or even totally different databases - or even totally different systems.

This is the idea of - data from multiple sources and - all your data in one place.


Each hub contains its own menu section to allow each hub to be allocated to the main navigation menu and permissions sections to allow for read only or full edit permissions on each and every hub individually. Permissions can also be granted by users or by user groups. 


The List Builder allows you to build lists and order them in any way you choose.


This flexibility enables the system to be built to suit you and your business without the need for development work which can be very costly and in many systems is not available.


It also gives you the ability to create new lists at a moments notice for a particular task and to then assign it to another user as required.


The Form Builder enables you to build forms in any order you choose. You can decide which fields to use, where you want them to go using a simple drag and drop editor all from the admin console and so negating the need for costly development work.


On each hub you can have as many forms as you want, from as many different databases and you can mix these forms with lists and charts from different databases and ordered any which way you choose.


Add Charts to any hub linked to whatever section required to give you the insight to really make good informed decisions.


The Rules are a very important part of Dynamic Hub and enable commands to be run to make things happen. Emails can be sent, requests made to API's etc.


This is where automation steps in and automation is the future.


Dynamic Hub is built for automation both within itself and by linking with other systems. 



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